Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Year - A New Goal

Happy New Year! I've been a very bad blogger and have re-committed to trying harder to be more consistence with my posts ...

This one will be short for now ...

So, I've signed up to run my FIRST MARATHON ... oh boy ...

I'm terrified, but determined. The thought of training for that distance (42.2 kilometers) is scary enough, but actually showing up on race day and running it all in one shot is another thing all together!

I'm running for arthritis research as a member of Joints in Motion and will run Maratona di Roma in March 2013!!! In ROME!!!

I have a full year to train and a $6,500 fundraising goal to meet. I hope to achieve my fundraising goal very early (by June 2012) so I can fully focus on training. My website is here:

I'm just getting geared up to create my training, nutrition, and fundraising schedules/plans and will record my progress through this blog. I hope to train smart and get into the best shape of my life to ensure I complete this goal successfully. I've ran a few half marathons, but doing two back-to-back is going to be my biggest personal challenge yet.

Wish me luck! Any help you can offer whether it be nutritional advice, running tips, marathon tips, fundraising ideas, or donations/sponsorship would be greatly appreciated!!

Happy Running


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