Sunday, March 7, 2010

One week ends, another begins, and so it goes ...

on and on ...

I had a great 12k run this morning ... finally a nice dry day! Still having issues breathing ... can't wait to see the Respirologist to see what's going on ... hoping it's just the cold air irritating my airway and that it soon won't be a problem as Spring is just around the corner (then I have allergies to contend with, but at least it's tolerable).

Was afraid to wear my new orthotics on the long run this week, but will continue using them this week on my shorter distances and hopefully have them feeling comfortable enough for next Sunday's long run.

I only got three runs in this week, but that's good. I've been feeling pretty tired, so it's okay to take it easy, right?

Did I mention that I am signed up for the half marathon?!?!?! I registered about a week or so ago! AND I also registered for the next half marathon clinic which will take me up to the end of September ... that will be the longest amount of time I have EVER ran! Started January 14th ... so that will be almost 9 months of running (in succession!) ... I sure hope I get stronger and faster soon ... We're doing the Tely Teaser April 2nd, so that should give me some indication of how I am doing ... my chip time for Tel 10 2009 was 2:05:16 ... so if I do better than that - gravy!

Anyway, gotta get ready for the week ahead...

Happy Running :o)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Squish Squish

Last night's run was probably my first really soggy run ...

We ran about 5K, after a talk about stretching, and I was soaked from head to toe! At first, I was so cold I thought "I can't do this" ... but, fortunately, I kept going and warmed up rather nicely. I didn't notice the rain at all after a while; the puddles (and mini rivers), on the other hand, were hard to miss since the water was ICE COLD!!!!

I wore my new orthotics all this week, while at work, and tried them out during last night's run ... I may need the left one tweaked, as my left calf felt like it was going to pop at some points during the run and today my entire left side from my lower back to my toes is really giving me some grief. Why can't I just be a natural runner? I love running, but hate it when my body fails me! Between the breathing issues and the various injuries I've had over the past two years, it's really a miracle that I haven't given up yet!

Oh well. I'll be hitting the bike/elliptical for tomorrow's distance and will hopefully have a nice LSD Run Sunday morning.

Happy Running :o)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Trainin', Trainin', Trainin' ...

YAY! I managed to get my four runs in again last week for a total of 24K's! That is the most I think I've ever ran in a single week! We ran 11K Sunday ... it was a very nice day for the last day of February. Mild, no wind, and dry! Had some issues with tight calves/shins and breathing (as usual), but overall had a great run.

This week I think I'll be doing two of my runs on the bike/elliptical to avoid injury. Apparently, I have Compartment Syndrome in my lower legs which is uncomfortable at best ... but I will concur this minor "bump in the road". Also, my doctor seems to think I have "Sports Induced Asthma" ... I laughed at him - mainly because I've never had any "Sport" related injury/illness in my entire life simply because I was never a sports enthusiast!

Once the weather warms up I am hopeful that my breathing will improve. For now, I sound like a squeeky toy during my runs, which is just fine by me! As long as I can get out there, that's all that matters!

Well, I'm looking forward to a week of cross-training, stretching, and gutting my closets! Spring is in the air and I cannot wait!

Until next time ...

Happy Running :o)