Sunday, March 7, 2010

One week ends, another begins, and so it goes ...

on and on ...

I had a great 12k run this morning ... finally a nice dry day! Still having issues breathing ... can't wait to see the Respirologist to see what's going on ... hoping it's just the cold air irritating my airway and that it soon won't be a problem as Spring is just around the corner (then I have allergies to contend with, but at least it's tolerable).

Was afraid to wear my new orthotics on the long run this week, but will continue using them this week on my shorter distances and hopefully have them feeling comfortable enough for next Sunday's long run.

I only got three runs in this week, but that's good. I've been feeling pretty tired, so it's okay to take it easy, right?

Did I mention that I am signed up for the half marathon?!?!?! I registered about a week or so ago! AND I also registered for the next half marathon clinic which will take me up to the end of September ... that will be the longest amount of time I have EVER ran! Started January 14th ... so that will be almost 9 months of running (in succession!) ... I sure hope I get stronger and faster soon ... We're doing the Tely Teaser April 2nd, so that should give me some indication of how I am doing ... my chip time for Tel 10 2009 was 2:05:16 ... so if I do better than that - gravy!

Anyway, gotta get ready for the week ahead...

Happy Running :o)

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