Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Trainin', Trainin', Trainin' ...

YAY! I managed to get my four runs in again last week for a total of 24K's! That is the most I think I've ever ran in a single week! We ran 11K Sunday ... it was a very nice day for the last day of February. Mild, no wind, and dry! Had some issues with tight calves/shins and breathing (as usual), but overall had a great run.

This week I think I'll be doing two of my runs on the bike/elliptical to avoid injury. Apparently, I have Compartment Syndrome in my lower legs which is uncomfortable at best ... but I will concur this minor "bump in the road". Also, my doctor seems to think I have "Sports Induced Asthma" ... I laughed at him - mainly because I've never had any "Sport" related injury/illness in my entire life simply because I was never a sports enthusiast!

Once the weather warms up I am hopeful that my breathing will improve. For now, I sound like a squeeky toy during my runs, which is just fine by me! As long as I can get out there, that's all that matters!

Well, I'm looking forward to a week of cross-training, stretching, and gutting my closets! Spring is in the air and I cannot wait!

Until next time ...

Happy Running :o)

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