Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bad Little Blogger!

Boy have I been a bad little blogger! It's been a week since my last post ... shame on me!

Oh well, I've been busy! Since last Sunday I ran 4K on Thursday without any walk breaks and I ran 10K Saturday on my treadmill (we had a big snow storm, so I opted to run inside). Our long run was shifted to Saturday because the Hypothermic Half Marathon was today.

Thursday's clinic introduced us to Liam who talked about the psychology of running ... obviously he had a positive impact on me, since I ran 4K right afterwards without stopping. Positive thoughts really do have a positive impact on your run. The moment you give into the fear of being last, the pain in your shins, or any other negative factor that might enter your mind, you need to stamp it out with something positive. Focusing on your form and telling yourself that you'll make it goes a long way in making it so ...

Today (Sunday) is a rest day ... I've got allot of work to catch up on for my university course, but I cannot help but procrastinate. I'm a little sore from my 10K on the treadmill and from all the shoveling over the past couple of days - all I want to do is eat and watch movies!

Back to work in the morning. I'm hoping to get at least three, possible four, runs in this week ... I'm going to remember Liam's talk every time I put on my sneakers ... and perhaps I should incorporate his knowledge into the rest of my life as well!

Happy Running :o)

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