Monday, February 22, 2010

Getting Stronger!

We ran a great 10K route yesterday morning and the weather was absolutely perfect! It was so nice that we had to take off our running jackets and wrap them around our waists in order not to pass out from heat exhaustion!

Our route included a few inclines, but the biggest one was Temperance Street ... and we were warned before the run that we were not allowed to walk it! Well, I started walking along the street just before Temperance (about 20-30 feet) - that's when the jacket came off! I took a swig from my water bottle, looked up (swore), and dug in! Fast, tiny, steps and arms pumping mad I made my way up the hill ... over the crest ... and didn't stop until I reached the other end of the street! It was tough, but I kicked Temperance's ass! It took an extra minute or two to recover (I was wheezing like crazy), but I made it back to the Running Room strong!

Looking forward to another week of challenges ...

Happy Running :o)

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